VIT - Computer vision technologies for METROCARGO

An innovative system for intermodal shipment of containers and swap bodies.


 load and unload operations

Current loading and unloading trains requires about  hours

Currently trains are loaded and unloaded vertically.
Trains must be shunted to loading yards using diesel traction, loaded and brought back.
Containers are only shipped by complete trains from point A to point B.

Metrocargo loads and unloads trains in less than one hour

Metrocargo performs load and unload operations horizontally on the regular railway track.
Network of terminals all over the Europe will be connected by scheduled freight trains.
Containers will be transferred from one train to another and they will reach several final destinations, as it happens to passengers.

Vision for Innovative Transport

The VIT project finalizes the design of the Metrocargo equipment developing a vision systems which:

(i) assures precise handling;
(ii) verifies the train composition;
(iii) guarantees plant safety and security.


people safety operations


The VIT research program will give the SME participants market-ready and patentable know-how.

panoramic view of an incoming train 


European Community

FP7 - capacities program