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ILog - Genova, Italy (ILOG)

ILOG is an engineering company established in 2004 expressly to develop Metrocargo, an innovative concept of intermodal shipment based on setting up a network of terminals connected by scheduled trains with fixed composition. Patents for Metrocargo have been filed in Europe, US, Canada, Russia, China, Japan and Australia, and ILOG hold the world-wide license.

ILOG established MCA Metrocargo Automazioni srl with industrial partners with specific experience in automation and mechanical handling. Partners of ILOG are engineers and corporate managers with experience in company management, logistics and project management. In the past years research and prototyping were advanced using own funds and public contributions, and the results discussed in meetings and workshops.

Molinari Rail AG - Wiensendangen, Switzerland (MOL)

Molinari Rail AG is an independent engineering company, with strong roots in Switzerland, actively operating throughout Europe. Molinari Rail is specialist in Project Management and Project Controlling for Transportation Systems in general. Molinari Rail customers are transport companies as well as engineering companies and rolling
stock manufacturers. The main focus of Molinari Rail in the last years has been in engineering, designing and
commissioning issues in rolling stock projects. They were also involved in the streamlining and re-direction of organisations and projects, improving efficiency and improving customer satisfaction in technical and commercial issues. Molinari Rail analyses and redirects processes and develops new tools for an efficient realisation of
projects and tasks. The long experience of Molinari Rail staff in engineering and design, in maintenance of
rolling stock, in the operation of rail companies as well as the training of engine drivers and the maintenance staff allows the company to offer customised services.

WITT Industrie Elektronik – Berlin, Germany (WITT)

WITT was established in 1972 as a small, committed engineering office. In the following years Witt continuously increased its range of expertise and extended their offer to the field of design, development and manufacture of industrial electronic componets and telated services. Today it employs 20 highly qualified people. Witt core business is
industrial electronics and rail electronics. In the field of industrial electronics Witt manufactures automatic inspection and test units, both as single small units and as complex devices, inclusive of engineering services.
In the field of rail electronics Witt provide the full range of electronic devices needed for the power supply of DC traction systems, and have special expertise in the dynamic and static measuring of track components and vehicles.

Systems Navigator – The Hague, The Netherlands (SYS)

Systems Navigator is a system engineering and software company whose activity is targeted to Operation Research type of applications, specializing in discrete event simulation. Systems Navigators provides solutions to a variety of industries and logistics processes in the European market. Systems Navigator designs, implements and maintains complex decision support systems to allow their clients to achieve better utilisation of resources, higher performances and higher quality.