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Final Review Presentations
Introduction to the VIT Project Download
WP3 Presentation Download
WP4 Presentation Download
WP5 Presentation Download
WP6 Presentation Download
Public Reports
D4.1 Report of the Feasibility Study Download
D4.2 Software package on train profiling, OCV, train load verification Download
D5.1 Beta Release of Software Package Download
D5.2 Prototype video-surveillance system including hardware specifications and software libraries Download
D6.1 Beta Version of the Simulation Software Download
D6.2 Simulator prototype Download
D7.2 Final Plan for Using and Disseminating the Knowledge Download
D7.3 Visual support to the automatic handling of containers: the contribution of VIT Download
Videos and Demonstration Material
WP3 in the lab
(May 2009)
WP3 on the field
(October 2009)
WP4 train profile reconstruction
(November 2009)
WP5 People Safety 1
(September 2009)
WP5 People Safety 2
(October 2009)
WP5 People Safety 3
(November 2009)
WP5 People Safety 4
(November 2009)
WP6 simulation software
(November 2009)
Megapixel vs PAL Resolution - PAL
(November 2009)
Megapixel vs PAL Resolution - Megapixel
(November 2009)
Presentation to Russian Entrepreneurs
Paper presentation at AVSS09 International Conference
Presentation to APM Terminals
Poster on preliminary WP4 RTD activities
(July 2009)
Presentation to EIRAC
Metrocargo Project brochure
Metrocargo VIT brochure
Public training material
3D computer vision talk
(full presentation available on the reserved area)
Video surveillance talk
Short course on video analysis
(May 2009)
Meeting Agendas
Kick-off meeting agenda
Final demonstration agenda
Final project review agenda

European Community

FP7 - capacities program